Based on a socio-constructivist proposal, our methodology consists of stimulating our children to build their own knowledge.


We believe in bilingualism by immersion, that is, the whole pedagogic period is taught in English, daily. For 5 years old children, the biliteracy process is in both languages. And for full-time students, there's one more hour of extra-curricular activities, such as cooking class, story telling and music.

Our methodology is fully focused on preschool, covering the main areas of children's knowledge: Math, Science, Social Studies and Language.


We understand that the development of a second language is given in a solid and natural way. All our rooms are themed and we use lots of playful resources, as puppets, fingertips, theaters and storytelling.

We have reduced classes, with a maximum of 16 students per room, with 2 educators and 1 supporting assistant which allows us to develop the unique potential of each child.

Thus as in international models, our rooms have learning centers and nursery's toilets or changing pads, to suit each age group.